Alice Ashton · Board Member


Alice Ashton (she/her) is a humanist nearing her retirement from the United States Navy and plans to start a new profession in journalism. She is also an intern with the Ask & Tell Project. She has a history of leadership and task management through the military and volunteer work she has done.

She left the LDS Church in 1998, but didn’t fully accept her atheism until 2005. She eventually came to accept that she was transgender and came out while serving, being one of only about 1,400 transgender service members serving openly under the current regulations. She worked to mentor younger transgender service members on how to navigate the military healthcare and administrative systems, co-founded a local transgender support group, and aided 15 service members in getting their diagnoses before the new ban took effect.

She got involved in Atheist Conventions in 2015 and moved into more social justice oriented activism in 2017. She works to bring a better understanding of all marginalized groups to the general public through elevating those marginalized voices and helping share their stories.