Clare Wuellner · Vice Chair


Clare (she/her) is the Chair at GO Humanity. GO Humanity’s vision and mission excited Clare from its inception in 2009 and she has been proud to serve on the GO Humanity Board of Directors since 2012.

Clare started her work in secular activism at a Unitarian Universalist church as Chair of the Social Action Committee.  From there, involvement in Center for Inquiry Austin lead to a four-year tenure as Executive Director.  Her activism centers around community-building and science education.

Clare received her Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Entomology at The University of Kansas.  A postdoctoral position at The University of Texas brought Clare to Austin in 1997, and she found she just couldn’t leave. She jumped off the “Academia Train” to raise a family. In addition to her social activism, she pursues a career in art.