Phil Session · Board Member


Phil Session (he/him) was born and raised in Texas in two church homes, one Baptist and the other a Free Church of God in Christ.  After getting involved with the secular community in 2013, his efforts centered around volunteerism and community service projects. That passion led him to organize and/or attend hundreds of volunteer activities in groups centered around non-belief in Austin and San Antonio.

Phil is the volunteer coordinator for the Freethinkers Association of Central Texas and serves as its acting Vice-president. He is also the head organizer/coordinator for Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless and is on the board of Recovering from Religion. Phil previously served as Vice-president and volunteer coordinator for the Atheist Community of Austin, a co-host for The Atheist Experience, producer for Godless Bitches 2.0 and served as a lay leader at the Atheist/Humanist Meeting on Lackland Air Force Base.