Feeding, educating, and advocating to fight the link between poverty and obesity


Nourishing USANourishing USA, our current Poverty and Health beneficiary, is an organization with incredible reach. 

Only a year ago they expanded far beyond their locale, changing their name from Nourishing NYC to Nourishing USA. They now consist of more than 2,000 advocates and organizations across the United States and Puerto Rico. Determined to educate the public on and fight against the correlation between poverty and obesity, and help everyone achieve excellent nutrition, they support soup kitchens, pantries, and educational programs with a triple aim of feeding, educating, and advocating.

Nourishing USARecently, Nourishing USA released simple, user-friendly downloadable guides to assist with the development of nutritional and educational programs. For those interested in starting a local Junior Chef Class, a cooking and nutrition class aimed at vulnerable youth, the “Junior Chef Teaching Guide” contains tips on how to run the class and teach, as well as recipes and ready-made handouts. 

Also available is the “Soup Kitchen Culinary and Nutritional Guide,” aimed at supporting community food programs in their quest to provide balanced meals and education. The 52 healthy recipes included in the guide are nutritionally balanced, aimed at feeding 50 people, and take into account the ingredient availability and budget of soup kitchens. The guide also contains educational information such as handouts on nutrition.

Although feeding programs are widespread, the availability of simple and tailor-made information on nutrition is sparse, and Nourishing USA is attempting to fill those gaps with their downloadable guides, helping to ensure that feeding programs are involved in creating a sustainable impact while nourishing the hungry.

For more information about Nourishing USA and their new digital resources, visit their website