Feeding the children of Kasese


Kasese Humanist Primary SchoolIn a region where most schools are religiously affiliated and many families struggle economically, the Kasese Humanist Primary School, our current Education beneficiary, has emerged as a unique experiment in freethought and community service.

The KHPS instills humanist values and ethics in the children of a small western Ugandan town. Its namesake Kasese district is mainly agricultural, but it suffers from high unemployment rates and low salaries for teachers who do find jobs. Further, many of the children in the community are tremendously malnourished. Local schools mainly offer only corn meal, beans, and potatoes because of budgetary shortcomings.

Kasese Humanist Primary SchoolTo work toward mending this symptom of the community’s poverty, the Kasese Humanist Primary School is building a chicken coop in order to be able to feed children chicken eggs and offset the limited nutritional options offered by the school.

Currently, they have fundraised to build the entire coop, which completes Phase 1 of the project. Phase 2, which entails distributing the poultry and feeding the children, will begin after Labor Day. Pharyngula and Godless Poutine have already pledged to help raise funds for Phase 2.

You can find more information on the chicken coop construction and how to support them directly at the KHPS website.