Fight Famine in East Africa


At this time, one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the modern age is unfolding in East Africa. The famines in these hard-hit African countries have brought 20 million people to the brink of starvation, and drought conditions are worsening this grim situation. The root causes of these widespread disasters differ from region to region, but effect on those suffering is the same. In March, 26 people lost their lives to starvation in the span of 36 hours just in the Jubaland region of southern Somalia.

Each of the 20 million people affected by this disaster has a story, and each is desperately in need of help. 

Idil fled her home in South Sudan due to war and conflict. Her family was healthy, her husband a businessman. They left without any belongings, food is scarce, and her youngest child is malnourished.

Hani’s family have been herders in Somaliland. Their herd was successful and gave them assets; as the drought worsened, the animals started dying, her husband died, and she is struggling to feed and care for seven children, with just 60 sheep, goats and camels left.

Concern Worldwide (US)

At an April conference in Geneva, Switzerland, The United Nations sought 4.4 billion dollars in international aid, but only received one-third of the money needed to combat the famine. We at FBB feel it is time for Humanists to step in and do our part.

That’s why we’re launching a Humanist Disaster Recovery Drive to support Concern Worldwide (US), a secular organization already on the ground in these drought-stricken countries. The mission of HDR Drive is to provide financial support to secular organizations working locally to meet the needs of recovering survivors. Concern Worldwide (US) aligns well with that mission.

“When an emergency strikes, Concern goes where we are most needed to help the most vulnerable. We are partners from the very beginning, a relationship that continues as they move from crisis to recovery and long-term development.”

Foundation Beyond Belief thanks the American Humanist Association for being a partner in our Drive effort.

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