Fighting “Junk Science” in the Texas Criminal Justice System


Second-quarter human rights beneficiary Innocence Project of Texas gave us this report about how they are using the funds contributed by members of Foundation Beyond Belief. Members donated $3,630 to IPOT last quarter.

Thank you for including the Innocence Project of Texas as one of your second-quarter beneficiaries. We were extremely excited to be included and are very appreciative of the generosity of your members. This contribution will help us in our efforts to seek justice on behalf of the wrongfully convicted in Texas. It is because of individuals like you and your members that our work is made possible.

We have many exciting projects taking place right now, including a campaign against the use of “junk science” and a statewide review of all cases in which DNA evidence exists. If you would like to receive updates from our organization, please consider subscribing to our online newsletter by going to

Please contact me anytime if you have questions about our work or to find out about other ways to get involved. We welcome you as a member of the Innocence Project of Texas family.

Best regards,
Catherine Whitworth
Executive Director
Innocence Project of Texas