Five inspiring choices for the new quarter

It is our privilege to present our five featured charities for the second quarter: 



Shoulder to Shoulder is a small health charity with an astonishing reach. STS maintains seven medical centers in rural Honduras that provide primary physician care within an hour’s walk and specialized services within an hour’s drive of 60,000 Hondurans — most of whom would otherwise have none. A very impressive, effective organization.





It Gets Better Project 


As many religious denominations continue to tear themselves apart over gay rights, Foundation Beyond Belief is proud to reflect the strong humanist consensus on the central civil rights issue of our time by sponsoring our fifth LGBT organization since launch. IT GETS BETTER provides support and encouragement to LGBT youth through videos and social media campaigns.      



MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger  

Like FBB, MAZON seeks to encourage a higher level of charitable engagement among those who share their worldview, in this case Judaism. But as with all of our CTG beneficiaries, MAZON serves the general good, not only those of their worldview. “A national nonprofit dedicated to preventing and alleviating hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds,” this highly-rated charity focuses on proven best practices, addresses root causes, and does not engage in proselytizing. We are proud to support their work.


(Learn more about Challenge the Gap.)  




National Association for Urban Debate Leagues


NAUDL takes a unique approach to educational equity by promoting debate as an extracurricular activity in economically disadvantaged urban schools. Urban debate activities have been shown to increase traditional measures of academic success including literacy and GPA, and high school graduation rates reach nearly 100%. We are delighted to feature NAUDL this quarter.   





Population Connection


Human overpopulation is the single greatest threat to natural ecosystems, and many FBB members have expressed an interest in supporting an organization dedicated to tackling this complex issue. Population Connection advocates such measures as access to safe and affordable contraceptives, enhanced educational and employment opportunities for women, and international support for voluntary family planning programs. We are honored to bring further attention to their work.



For the next three months, we will bring you stories and news about the work of these five outstanding organizations so you can make an informed decision about how to direct your giving. To change your distribution at any point in the quarter, log in and click MANAGE DONATION in the sidebar.