Food Rescue Alliance

Meet the recipient of our new, super-sized Compassionate Impact Grant!

After months of evaluating innovative organizations with measurable impacts on hunger, water access, and disparity, we are finally announcing the recipient of our new, super-sized Compassionate Impact Grant (CIG): Food Rescue Alliance.

Food Rescue Alliance (FRA) is poised to make a powerful impact on all our top issues as humanists: food insecurity, poverty, inequity, social injustice, and environmental destruction. The grantee does this in one fell swoop through innovative, effective programs reducing food waste.

FRA is a network of food rescue initiatives with 32 member organizations in the US plus Nigeria and Canada. Their programs include:

  • Instructing communities on how to start food rescue initiatives
  • Open-source logistics software helping organizers manage volunteers and reclamation projects
  • Incubation, peer learning, and resource sharing programs

FRA’s software has helped complete 90,000+ food rescues. On average, their members have redistributed over 20 million pounds of food to over 600,000 low income people annually.

This impact is already huge, but the CIG will ratchet FRA’s game up even further.

Funds will secure staff funding; continue support for FRA’s software; and maximize their network’s efficiency. It’s a game changer that will move FRA towards a tantalizing goal: to grow from an under-resourced peer learning alliance to a powerful collective with leverage over the root causes of food insecurity.

Our work with FRA will also provide partnership opportunities for our Beyond Belief Network (BBN) teams to increase their impact addressing food insecurity.

We think all this makes FRA the perfect grantee to break in the overhauled CIG program, which will annually award a new organization an unrestricted $150,000 over three-years

You’ll be hearing a lot more in coming months about FRA and the impact you help them make. Your support made this grant possible, and we thank you deeply for it. We hope you are as excited as we are.


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