Football, the universal language


There are a number of football fans on the HA: Ghana team currently in Ghana. On the weekends, Warren, Baako, Cleo, and Wendy go to a local place to watch the English Premier League matches. It's a renovated warehouse space with two 27 inch televisions. There are generally about 150 in attendance. 

The love of football, or soccer as we call it in the US, is a benefit to the volunteers in connecting with the locals. There is no bigger sport than football in Ghana. No matter the social situation, everyone speaks football. There is something so human, and so humanist in the fact that a shared love for a sport can bring people together so quickly. The shared love of football has certainly provided opportunities for the HA: Ghana volunteers to build relationships within the community. In fact, Warren and Baako will now be hosting a weekend radio show that discusses the football results of the week!

The Ghanaian National Team, The Black Stars, has once again qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations. The HA: Ghana team will be cheering them on with the locals.