Foundation Beyond Belief announces new staff assignments


We are excited to announce several new and changing roles among Foundation Beyond Belief’s staff. As FBB grows, we strive to do a lot with a little—our part-time staff members work with a laser focus on their assigned areas, using their specific expertise to support our projects, spread the word about compassionate humanism, and keep our community involved and informed.

Ed BraytonEd Brayton joins FBB as our new media relations coordinator. Ed will handle all aspects of our media outreach, including print, broadcast, and online media. Ed is well known among freethought circles as a popular blogger at Dispatches from the Culture Wars and has an extensive background in journalism.

Bridget GaudetteBridget Gaudette will take over as our director of marketing and development. As development director, Bridget is tasked with securing the financial well-being of the Foundation itself. As marketing director, she is responsible for promoting the name and mission of the Foundation to the general public and to our potential members and supporters. Bridget is a former FBB intern and co-founded Secular Woman.

Cathleen O'GradyCathleen O’Grady, who served as a fall intern for FBB, is staying on as our new director of special projects. In this role, Cathleen will be responsible for keeping all of our various initiatives on track, including membership development and program expansions in this exciting transitional year. Cathleen currently works as a consumer ethics journalist in her hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Brittany Shoots-ReinhardBrittany Shoots-Reinhard is our new Beyond Belief Network coordinator. Previously, Brittany had served as FBB’s director of special projects. As Beyond Belief Network coordinator, Brittany will be managing the soon-to-be-launched Beyond Belief Network, which will provide a common platform for the Volunteers Beyond Belief, Partner, and LLS programs.

Kelly WrightKelly Wright, who has been the Foundation’s blog editor since 2009, steps into a new role as our communications coordinator. Kelly will now be overseeing our blog, social media, email, and print communications, keeping members and the community informed about the work of FBB and our beneficiaries. She brings years of experience as a professional writer and editor to the position.

Please join us in welcoming our newest staff member and supporting our existing staff as they transition into their new roles.