Foundation Beyond Belief launches membership drive


Foundation Beyond BeliefBy AJ Chalom, Foundation Beyond Belief Humanist Giving Program Coordinator

Foundation Beyond Belief has always had lofty goals. One of this year’s goals is to double our regular giving membership to 2,500 people. We are currently growing at a rate of about five members a week, or 250 members a year. This membership drive will be a yearlong program, with many initiatives to be announced along the way.

What will this increase in membership achieve? With 2,500 regular giving members, we can

  • double the average amount of our beneficiary grants
  • increase our small grant program to provide more assistance to start-up programs and other deserving humanitarians
  • give humanism a greater presence in philanthropy
  • give philanthropy a greater presence in humanism

The numbers are great, but more important, achieving our membership goal will allow FBB to help more people with greater impact. We will have a larger profile within the humanist and atheist communities, thereby broadening our reach.

Having more members who care passionately about the Foundation will help us grow even faster. If EVERY giving member recruits just ONE NEW giving member, our job is done, and our mission of compassionate humanism through charitable giving will be spread further and faster.

Follow our progress on our website, where we keep a tally of our membership. We currently stand at 1,293—only 1,207 left to go, which averages out to about 100 new members a month.

Look for membership initiatives throughout the year, such as:

  • Recruit a friend
  • House parties
  • Outreach to the Beyond Belief Groups Network
  • Conference incentives
  • And MORE!

Every member, follower, and friend can help us meet our goal. If you have been following us for a while, become a member today at the monthly level YOU choose, and help us discover what great things humanism in action can accomplish.

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