Foundation support “invaluable” to Uganda humanist schools


Since our January launch, the Education category has consistently drawn the highest level of support from our members. Uganda Humanist Schools Trust continued this pattern in the third quarter, earning $3,395 in member support.

UHST Chief Executive Steve Hurd recently declared FBB support “invaluable” to the Trust’s Foundation Literacy Programme, which is dedicated to gradually providing individual copies of textbooks for all students. For the past two years the Programme has focused on acquiring textbooks for entering students and those in the Senior 4 class—the year students take their national examinations.

Foundation Beyond Belief’s contribution has caused the Literacy Programme to leap forward, fully funding a textbook in every subject for every student in Senior 2 (U.S. sophomore equivalent) of the Isaac Newton High School near Masaka, Uganda. Our contribution is also providing additional books for the Mustard Seed School in Busota.

newtonstudents“We believe that developing a reading culture is essential in order to empower students to assess information independently without relying solely on the pronouncements of authority figures,” said Hurd. “It is hoped that these new developments will encourage many more families to send their children to the Isaac Newton High School. We are very grateful for the generous donation from your subscribers.”

The clear member appeal of Uganda Humanist Schools makes this organization a strong contender for renewed support by Foundation Beyond Belief in 2011.

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