Announcing the Expansion of Our Food Security Project

The FBB Food Security Project (FSP) has been giving grants and support to a select group of volunteer teams across the US that are organizing food relief projects in their communities. So far, five teams have given away 22,629 pounds of food (and other essentials) and served 3,984 individual beneficiaries. Now we’re ready to multiply the program’s impact by adding 10 new teams… including two in other countries!

Six of these teams come from within our Beyond Belief Network:

  1. Houston Freethought Oasis, a secular community group partnering with HOPE Houston to add a food component to current monthly clothing distributions.
  2. Humanist Alliance Philippines, International, an activist and humanitarian organization that will use our grants to support their HAPI Kids Nutrition Camp. This program already provides kids in Alabang with hot meals and educational opportunities.
  3. Humanists of Tallahassee, an American Humanist Association affiliate that participates in a food giveaway organized by local Trinity Church. With their inclusion in the Food Security Project, Humanists of Tallahassee will become a reliable source of supplies for the giveaway and help expand it to more locations.
  4. Kenya Humanist Alliance, which supports orphans and girls rescued from forced marriage, will use the grants they’ll receive will help them consistently fund their food and agriculture needs.
  5. North Orlando Oasis, a humanist community launching a new project with area nonprofit Connecting Care Kitchens. The nonprofit buys excess produce from local organic farms at a reduced cost and delivers it to shelters. With the grants, North Orlando Oasis will help the project expand its impact by also working with a local farm.
  6. Southeastern Virginia Atheists, Skeptics, & Humanists, a social group that maintains two free pantry boxes in their community. They will use the FSP grants to keep the pantries stocked and make repairs when needed.

We’re also breaking new ground by supporting four teams in the Food Rescue Alliance (FRA) network! FRA is our 2021 Compassionate Impact Grant grantee. They’re a network of food rescue initiatives with 32 member organizations in the U.S., Nigeria, and Canada.

The FRA teams joining our Food Security Project are:

  1. 360 Eats in Tampa, Florida. Their programs include mobile food rescue, sustainable catering services, a mobile gourmet soup kitchen, and a compost initiative that works to bridge the gaps between food waste, food insecurity, and sustainability.
  2. CAFE Food Rescue in Summit County, Colorado, which redirects food surplus away from landfills and into the hands of those who will consume it.
  3. CORMII Community Development Corporation in Reidsville, North Carolina, which has an annual year-long campaign providing food and other essentials to those in need. They do this with a calendar of themed monthly collection/giveaway programs.
  4. Food Drive Melrose in Massachusetts, which provides hands-on, hyperlocal solutions to food insecurity and food waste by distributing rescued, surplus, and donated food to neighbors in need.

Grants will help the FRA teams maintain and grow their current projects.

We’re thrilled to work with these dedicated groups. And we have more expansions planned for the Food Security Project, with your help.

Sponsor a BBN team for $100/month. Your generosity will help the team make the Food Security Project self-sustaining and pay for costs such as permits, table setups, U-hauls, storage lockers, and more.