Fun Money Management with Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative


Foundation Beyond Belief’s 2014 Compassionate Impact Grant beneficiary, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), works to support families as they set and achieve goals in the Fair Chance for Family Success program. Residents can partner with DSNI to set goals to improve their economic well-being. Participants receive cash incentives and are connected to resources for matched savings programs and scholarships to help them meet the economic challenges they face in their neighborhood.

Foundation Beyond Belief’s Compassionate Impact Grant is funding the expansion of this program to families outside the pilot section of the neighborhood and is now expanding the focus to children and young adults with a brand-new financial education activity book. As families in the program are reflecting on their financial future, the children will learn responsible money management skills by dividing up an allowance, separating desire from need, conquering credit card trivia, and discussing real-world financial situations with a parent. Money can be a complex and tricky subject, but this activity book simplifies addressing the essential skills with a fun, open-ended, challenge-focused approach. With activities appropriate for all ages, entire families can learn together while creating and achieving goals for a more secure future.