Fund drive a great success


Deepest thanks to the 125 contributors who donated to our drive through the ChipIn ($5265), the Facebook Cause page ($865), our website ($695) and our PO box ($380). That’s a total of $7205 raised in just four weeks — 78 percent of the total needed to wipe out our operational debt for 2010.

Your confidence in what we’re doing means more than you know. And the ability to walk into 2011 with our financial house in order means a lot, too.

If you missed the drive and would still like to help out, we’re always open. Click here for our secure donation page to get in under the wire for US tax deductibility in 2010.

The drive has ended, but who knows — we just might polish off that remaining 22% by New Year’s Eve!

Thanks again for your help and encouragement.

The Staff and Volunteers at FBB