Giving feels good—and so does getting great books


Click here to give a donation to Foundation Beyond Belief through our 2012 year-end fundraiser.

When you send a donation to a charity through Foundation Beyond Belief, 100% of that donation goes directly to a worthy organization that’s been thoroughly vetted by our charity researchers. That means we here at FBB don’t keep a cent from any of the contributions you give to charities through our Humanist Giving monthly donation program, to our disaster-relief Humanist Crisis Response program, and our international Light the Night team benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

But we do need to keep the lights on somehow. In order to run our charitable giving and volunteer programs, we rely on your generosity. And aside from that shot of serotonin you’ll get when you make a donation, anyone who donates $10 or more to our year-end fundraiser, OR becomes a member at any level by the end of the year, will be entered into a drawing for one of three signed copies of Dale McGowan’s latest book, Voices of Unbelief, a hardcover anthology of atheist and agnostic documents that retails for $100. You’ll be entered for every $10 you donate, or for every $5 in monthly donations you commit to.

And for even more great reading material, head over to Emily Has Books, where blogger (and former FBB intern) Bridget Gaudette is giving away magazines and signed books to people who give to our fundraising drive.

Don’t forget that you can also support FBB’s programs when you shop at Amazon—when you use this link to make purchases at Amazon, FBB earns a small commission.

During the last year, we raised money for 20 great charities, gave small grants to support two important projects, provided funds for groups working in devastated communities during the Colorado wildfires and in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, and launched our Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Light the Night team. Next year, we hope to double our membership, launch affiliates in Canada and Australia, and begin building a Humanist Action: Ghana working in several developing countries.

We hope you think our vision of compassionate humanism in action is worth supporting. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.