GlobeMed’s Colorado College chapter forms partnerships half a world away



GlobeMed is our current Poverty and Health Beneficiary, and they are accomplishing glorious things. “Empower students,” says their mission statement—and it’s been happening. The chapter at Colorado College certainly exemplifies that.

With a partnership that just launched this fall, students at the school have paired with the Western Organization of People Living with HIV/AIDS. Leaping right in to the action, some of their members are also currently abroad in Ghana, blogging away. The writing, though, is the least of the action as they visit hospitals, examine infrastructure, and learn, GlobeMed Colorado College Ghana partnershiplearn, learn.

Say Alyssa and Sarah:

Why, you might ask yourself, do women not have access to a hospital in one of the most developed and westernized countries on the African continent? Good question; I’ve been asking myself the same one all day. Within the Akatsi District, there are almost 200,000 people, and there is one doctor. And he’s a pediatrician. What is causing this? While I’m not expert, I’ve made some assumptions . . .

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With 50 different chapters on 50 campuses, GlobeMed is engaging more than 1,500 students to partner with organizations across the globe. This isn’t just a partnership in name. GlobeMed chapters on campus connect in a one-to-one model with a single group to support through ideas, funds, projects, and publicity. Connections are long term—more than the length of one leader’s time at the university. How’s that been working, we ask? It’s been working amazingly.