What People Are Saying About GO Humanity


Foundation Beyond Belief is now GO Humanity! We’re still exemplifying humanist values through service and philanthropy, but now with a more active, energized brand. The new name and look reflects our commitment to supporting people working together locally to build a thriving humanity globally.

Here’s what people have been saying about it:

Quotes from Movement Leaders:

“I’m so thrilled to see this new direction. Our goal from the beginning was to move as far as possible toward direct action. Seeing this talented team taking such an important step thoughtfully and well gives me great confidence in the future of humanist philanthropy.” – Dale McGowan, Founder

“I’m so excited for this evolution of Foundation Beyond Belief. What started as a way to encourage Secular Americans to donate has become a vehicle for them to give to charity, help their communities on the ground, and celebrate our broader human family. GO Humanity reminds us that we all have a role to play in fixing, maintaining, and improving this world — the only one we have. I’m proud to be a part of its history and I cannot wait to see it move forward in the future.” – Hemant Mehta, former Board Chair

“The last two years have illustrated how critical it is for all of us — secular and religious alike, to support communities that struggle to gain access to clean water, adequate and healthful food, and emergency aid — particularly as climate disasters become more frequent and intense. Focusing on meeting these needs is a demonstration of our humanist commitment to serving others that is rooted in love and respect for all living things. I am so excited that GO Humanity will continue their much-needed work and help our movement take humanist-based service to the communities most in need of help!” – Nadya Dutchin, American Humanist Association, Executive Director

“The GO Humanity brand conveys a warm and hopeful message that will appeal to a broad spectrum of our society. Offering a positive message in a vocabulary everyone will understand will allow the organization to grow beyond those who consciously identify as humanist or secular. Focusing on local solutions to local problems gives everyone an opportunity to help their fellow humans. I’m looking forward to seeing how GO Humanity grows!” – Sarah Miller, Camp Quest, Executive Director


Quotes from the GO Humanity Team

“I am thrilled with Foundation Beyond Belief’s transition to GO Humanity. GO Humanity is a celebration of people coming together locally to build a thriving humanity globally. This is reflected in the creative process that led us to our new name and logo.

GO Humanity was born of a thoughtful, deliberative — and most importantly, collaborative — effort by our talented team, generous service teams, and dedicated partner organizations. Our name is action-oriented, energetic, and innovative — an acronym for Giving and Organizing for Humanity. Our logo was created by visual designer, Simon Sotelo of Weird Wonderful. The image was inspired by the idea of communities coming together to uplift the world. Featuring a bright color palette that is as diverse as the many communities we work with — GO Humanity is, at once, youthful, uplifting, and community-inspired.

And though GO Humanity is a culmination of everything we have been moving towards — it is not an end but rather a beginning. As we grow, we will continue to evolve, looking for ever better ways to uplift humans everywhere. I am so excited to share this journey with you all.” – Tif Ho, Executive Director, GO Humanity

“Foundation Beyond Belief has been an important focus of humanist giving for the last 13 years. We saw just how much more good we could do when we did it together. Later we incorporated direct action and increased again the collective impact we have been able to have. Since I joined the team I have been privileged to see the passion and compassion of people across the world as they work to address local problems with local solutions. With this new chapter at GO Humanity, I am looking forward to seeing all that we will accomplish together working locally to make the world a better place for everyone.”  – Wendy Webber, Programs Director, GO Humanity

“I’m very excited to see where GO Humanity is heading into the future. I’m confident that GO Humanity will continue making a difference in the world and to the people we serve, with a new name that better defines what we do — Giving and Organizing for Humanity, working to create a bright and colorful future for the world — not regardless of the differences among us, but because of them.” – Leah Franco, Administrative Manager