We are nothing without you


This week is National Volunteer Week! We here at Foundation Beyond Belief and Humanist Action: Ghana are nothing without our volunteers, so we are thrilled to celebrate them this week and every week! Want to join us? We'd love to have you!

With this HA: Ghana volunteer year rapidly coming to an end, the current year's team is making preparations for next year's team. The team is currently preparing orientation classes to train the new volunteers on the local language, Ghanaian culture, and immersion experiences, such as meeting local chiefs.

Foundation Beyond Belief is only able to serve because of you! Please consider joining us through volunteerism or by becoming a donor. Here's an idea of how your generosity helps women in Ghana. A gift of only $20 can cover the cost of four visits to rural communties for mediation, which is an integral part of the process of helping banished women accused of withcraft in Ghana return to their home villages. A gift of $100 replaces a leaky thatch roof with zince so an elderly banished woman will not catch pneumonia during the rainy season. A gift of $500 purchases building supplies to help 10 women have safe housing when returning to their home villages. And, a gift of $1000 provides livelihood grants to 25 women so they can get their own businesses up and running when they return to their home villages! Now is always a great time to do good!

Foundation Beyond Belief must raise $10,000 more to continue the Humanist Service Corp's important work in 2017-2018. Our new team deploys in June, but only with your support. Please make your gift today to ensure we can sustain our culturally-responsible grassroots work saving lives and fighting for women's rights in Ghana!