HA: Ghana Sponsors

Volunteer Sponsors

HA: Ghana demonstrates its commitment to diversity and effective, culturally responsible service by providing living stipends to each volunteer and covering program-related costs.

This allows volunteers from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds to apply and places the emphasis on the skills the volunteers bring to the program rather than the experience the program provides to the volunter.

There are already plenty of religious and secular volunteer service programs that exist to please paying volunteers. Most of them focus on creating the context for volunteering instead of selecting and training volunteers for the context. Doing the right thing – the humanist thing – is undoubtedly more expensive, but we hope you will agree that the integrity is worth the price.

Sponsor an HA: Ghana Volunteer to stay connected to our work and guarantee a regular source of support for impoverished communities in Ghana’s Northern Region.

HA: Ghana Heroes and HA: Ghana Helpers

HA: Ghana Heroes and HA: Ghana Helpers are donors who give at least $50 and $20 per month, respectively, to the Humanist Action: Ghana. These donors are a critical part of the funding picture for HA: Ghana – their steady support is what facilitates the day to day work of HA: Ghana volunteers in impoverished communities.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a Program Sponsor for the Service Corps.

Program Sponsors

Program Sponsors invest in HA: Ghana because it is the only international volunteering program guided by the principles of humanism. HA: Ghana achieves real world good and serves as a visible example of service-oriented atheism for believers and nonbelievers alike. Sponsorship benefits are designed to provide details about where and how donor money is used and connect donors to the individuals and communities impacted by their contribution. Email us to learn more.