Humanist Action Ghana is becoming an NGO!


On FBB’s latest Fireside Chat—we announced big moves forward for our Humanist Action Ghana program. Later this year, HA Ghana will become an independent nongovernmental organization (NGO)… led and staffed entirely by Ghanaians in the country’s Northern Region!

Participants discussed these changes as well as the challenges facing camps for alleged witches, our vocational training program, and more. We welcomed:

  • Yvonne Stennicke Larsen — Administrator of the Humanist Action Ghana program
  • Conor Robinson — Ghana program founder, humanist speaker, and activist
  • Christian Hayden — former Ghana program volunteer, now a facilitator, writer, and media maker
  • Wendy Weber — Programs Director at Foundation Beyond Belief, past Ghana program co-administrator and volunteer

Watch the full video below:

We are anticipating HA Ghana’s full transition to be complete by fall, and will continue to update you on its progress. In the meantime, we’ve started up a fundraiser to cover the both the startup costs and the costs during the entire duration of the HA Ghana vocational training program. This includes salaries for trainers and supplies for young people in the program.

Give today and be part of an effective program reducing poverty and promoting self-sustainability in Ghana.