Help us promote our year-end fund drive and win $50 in FBB swag!


We are running a year-end fund drive to cover Foundation Beyond Belief’s operating expenses so we can continue to screen and feature the best small, secular-friendly charities, organize our growing volunteers program, and help our member organizations raise money for worthy causes.

In addition to giving, we have a BIG favor to ask. Share our donation page on Facebook and ask people to donate to our year-end drive, and we will enter you in a drawing to win $50 worth of merchandise at our Café Press store. You MUST tag the Foundation Beyond Belief account in the post or a comment on the post in order to be entered.

Have you heard about all the great reasons to help FBB this holiday season?

1. In 2012 alone, we raised more than $500,000 for charities and disaster relief around the world.

2. We don’t keep ANY of the donations designated to our featured charities, so we need to raise the funds separately to run our charitable giving program, the Volunteers Beyond Belief network, and our Humanist Crisis Response program.

3. We expanded the Volunteers program to 23 teams who regularly put their humanism to work in their local communities by volunteering their time, blood, and skills.

You can help by contributing a one-time donation, becoming a member, or giving a gift membership.

4. Your donation will help us increase our membership, launch FBB Canada and FBB Australia, and begin a Humanist Action: Ghana to send humanists on service trips to developing countries.

5. For every $10 you contribute, you will receive an entry in a drawing for one of three signed, personalized copies of Dale McGowan’s latest book Voices of Unbelief, a hardcover anthology of atheist and agnostic documents that retails for $100.

Want to give more than $10? How about $500 to celebrate the $500,000 we raised this year? Other possibilities include $124.50 for the number of members we have (1,245), $28.50 for the number of volunteers in VBB (2,850), $75 for the nearly $750,000 we’ve raised for charities to date, or $100, which is the percentage of your contributions to the featured beneficiaries that goes directly to those charities.

Thanks for your support!