Hindu Americans stand against discrimination in Wichita


Hindu American Seva CharitiesIn 9/11’s wake, people of color in Wichita faced tremendous discrimination, particularly members of the not insignificant Kansan Hindu community. Children were targeted in schools, and Hindu temples were threatened by vandalism. Hindu students were robbed at a higher rate, and others were reluctant to participate in community service projects for fear of harm.

Hindu American Seva Charities, Foundation Beyond Belief’s Q3 Challenge the Gap beneficiary, has made social justice in communities like Wichita a priority. In Hinduism, seva refers to selfless service work. HASC serves as a “progressive American organization advancing seva, interfaith, collaboration, pluralism, social justice, [and] sustainable civic engagement to ignite grassroots social change and build healthy communities.”

Hindu American Seva CharitiesHASC is now working alongside the Kansas Leadership Center to “bring civic and leadership education to the Hindu and Dharmic stakeholders.” Further, the Wichita Mayor’s office has extended a hand to the local Hindu community in partnership with HASC to foster a safer space for diversity, particularly around important religious holidays such as Diwali. HASC founder Anju Bhargava writes, “We hope the collaborative leadership of the diverse community leaders will strengthen the community and promote pluralism through interfaith service.”

To learn more about HASC as they combat poverty, discrimination, and injustice in Wichita and elsewhere, you can visit their website.