"HIPPY Father with daughter reading together"

HIPPY: A Veteran’s Story


HIPPY USA, our Education beneficiary during Q2 2017, works as a support organization for parents who would like to prepare their children for school. A parent is a child's first teacher, and continues to provide that supportive role throughout a child's life. A parent in the HIPPY program is completely equipped, as HIPPY provides the academic materials, support and in-home visits to help parents guide their children toward success.

Here is a personal account of HIPPY's impact:

A Veteran's Story
Too often when we salute the men and women of the Armed Services we feel we have done all that is needed to thank them for performing their duties. We may think they have extraordinary abilities to face any adversity. After all, they fought in a war when most of us have not.

William Cunningham, a single father in Tuscaloosa, Ala., noticed his daughter Lenzie was falling behind in preschool. He was especially concerned about her writing skills. He discussed the situation with Lenzie’s preschool teacher, who knew the perfect option for Lenzie – HIPPY!

HIPPY’s evidence based, home visiting program partners with parents to prepare their children for success in school. After meeting with one of HIPPY’s home visitors once a week learning teaching activities through role play, William knew that HIPPY would make a difference. Role play is an essential part of the HIPPY interaction. This method of instruction promotes a comfortable, non-threatening learning environment in which there is always room for mistakes. Role play allowed William to learn new skills by practicing them in a safe, reflective environment.

“To a stranger, it may seem odd or even a little humorous to see me playing games and answering questions that a 3 year old might ask, but I found it very useful. It really helped me understand how to help Lenzie with her reading and writing and how to teach her effectively.”

Lenzie is now eight-years-old, and her dad says she’s ahead of the other students in her class. He credits HIPPY for the change in Lenzie and for helping her develop a love of learning.

“HIPPY exemplifies why I served this country—caring enough to give someone help when they need it and a chance to be successful. I am thankful for HIPPY and everyone that helps make HIPPY possible.”

To learn more about HIPPY, please visit their website. They also have a Pinterest page with great resources for parents.