Humanist Action for Black Lives

For 400 years, violence and oppression have been the law of the land in the United States. For those who aren’t born white, the term “united” is a cruel irony. We are now, and have always been, a nation bitterly divided. These divisions are not equal, nor are they just. Existing while Black puts one in grave danger of facing violence, murder, and injustice on a daily basis.

For 400 years, violence and oppression have always met with resistance, from over 250 slave rebellions to protests occurring across the nation today.

Time and time and time again, state-sanctioned violence is committed against Black people when they stand against their oppressors. More lives are taken. More are imprisoned due to a blatantly unfair “justice” system.

This cycle must be stopped. We must unite in our efforts to end the forces of violence and oppression.

Now is the time to stand with communities targeted by state-sanctioned violence, and tear down the systems that perpetuate it. Foundation Beyond Belief is calling on white humanists to join the fight for an end to state-sanctioned violence.

What action can humanists take?

For other ways to stand in solidarity with Black people, see our Resources page.

As events develop, FBB may add additional avenues for standing with those affected.

Humanist Action for Black Lives is supported through a partnership with the American Humanist Association (AHA). We thank them for their generosity.