Humanist Crisis Response for Oklahoma raises more than $40,000


Humanist Crisis Response

To date, our Humanist Crisis Response program for those affected by the Oklahoma tornados has raised more than $40,000 for relief efforts. Donations are being continually forwarded to our two beneficiaries, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and Operation USA—as of May 29, we’ve sent each organization $20,000. Here’s what our two crisis beneficiaries have been doing in the week since the tornadoes struck:

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is working with other food banks across the country and food companies that have donated several semi-trailers of products on pallets (things like water, ready to eat meals, etc.). Their volunteer center was open for extra shifts, during which volunteers helped prepare food donations for distribution.

According to the Regional Food Bank’s Karen Paul, “Our relief efforts are going to extend several weeks (maybe months) after this initial push. I grew up in one of the areas that was hit on Sunday evening. These areas haven’t received a fraction of the media attention that the Moore storm has. I can tell you that many of those areas, especially the rural ones hit in the first round of tornadoes on Sunday evening, had limited resources in their area prior to the tornadoes. They’re definitely going to need help in the weeks ahead, which is when many people start to move on and forget about them.”

Operation USA
has sent a shipment of electric generators to community-based health clinics and will send more as the clinics and other organizations indicate their immediate needs for power. Jamaica Walden shared this update: “A logistics expert is in Oklahoma City on our behalf and is reaching out to other local groups to better match what we have (or hope to have) with what is needed. We anticipate receiving large quantities of new clothing, cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, and other items from various companies. If funds allow after the emergency phase, we typically use all remaining funds to make cash grants to clinics and schools serving the affected community. Thank you again for your donation from Foundation Beyond Belief to our relief efforts in the Oklahoma City area. We share your values and thank you and your members for your support!”

You can still contribute to our Humanist Crisis Response by clicking here.