Humanist Crisis Response supports Team Rubicon and International Medical Corps


Humanist Crisis ResponseSuperstorm Sandy has created havoc in communities and people’s lives across the eastern United States and islands in the Caribbean. Foundation Beyond Belief, through our Humanist Crisis Response program, has chosen to support two organizations helping to alleviate the suffering from this storm:

In the United States, Team Rubicon has deployed 11 teams over three regions and has created a 24-hour central command to support local disaster relief personnel in the Northeast. Joanne Dennis from Team Rubicon says, “We’re in the process of organizing a large recovery operation. We’re aiming for 1,000 veteran volunteers over 10 days starting November 7. Right now we’re assessing the areas that need our support. Thank you so much for your help—we really appreciate it!To request direct assistance for cleanup relief from Team Rubicon, fill out this form. NBC News has this news report about some of Team Rubicon’s efforts. Click here to send a donation to Team Rubicon.

And in the Caribbean, International Medical Corps has mobilized two mobile medical units to deal with severe medical situations and is providing help to almost 10,000 newly displaced people due to the storms in Haiti. According to IMC, “The storm caused at least 52 deaths in Haiti, as well as flooding and extensive damage across the island nation, where 370,000 people still live in flimsy shelter and tent camps following the 2010 earthquake. More than 200,000 people were left homeless by the storm, which damaged 84 displacement camps.” Click here to send a donation to IMC.

We hope that our effort in supporting these organizations through our crisis response program can further their activities in the afflicted areas and help more people in a timely manner.

AJ Chalom
Humanist Giving Program Coordinator