Humanist Giving Program Thrives on Flexibility


What is the date?  Do you always keep the date based on the quarterly release of Foundation Beyond Belief’s beneficiaries?  Well if so, you must be a little confused. Don’t be confused.  Be flexible!

Yesterday, we announced our third quarter beneficiaries. Normally, we make our announcement on the same day as our launch, but due to our Humanism at Work conference we wanted to give you an early look at our new Q3 beneficiaries. This year's conference, the theme of which is #blacklivesmatter: listen, learn, think, discuss, act, will take place in Boston on July 25. Two of Quarter 3 beneficiaries are also located in Boston and will be represented at our conference.
fbbcon2015-fbcover-3 To learn more about ourHumanism at Work conference, visit our website.

Our Human Rights Beneficiary for Q3, Community Change, Inc., will also be the beneficiary of our charity benefit at the conference.  Their long history of treating racism, racial relations and discussion on racial matters as a white problem instead of a black problem.  We are enlightened by the approach that puts the responsibility on the white community to bend their stance, instead of forcing the black community to continually accept the apology of those who may have challenged racial discourse.

Our Education beneficiary for Q3, Artists for Humanity, an art internship program,  is also a Boston-based nonprofit that will be featured at our conference..  We hope that with the addition of these wonderful Boston-based non-profits, the conference topics, and learning more about how Humanist Giving Program works, you will be more excited to attend this year’s events.

While the change may seem confusing, it's actually relatively simple. Here are the details. Our Q2 Compassionate Impact Grant beneficiary, Starfish, will receive all of the donations allocated to it during all of Quarter 2 (April 1 to June 30). Our new slate of Q3 beneficiaries, while announced early, will not begin their funding early. They will receive funds allocated to them during Quarter 3 (July 1 to September 31). This change in our announcement schedule is temporary and does not change our giving cycle.  So it still all works the same, you just get to know about our Quarter 3 slate a little earlier.

We understand that with flexibility there is sometimes confusion.  Feel free to contact me on our webform if you have any questions