Humanists Unite! Membership drive extended until April 14


On Monday, Foundation Beyond Belief introduced its new slate of beneficiaries for the second quarter of 2013. Although we are so proud of the support we’ve given to our beneficiaries to date, we would love to do more, both for our beneficiaries and other projects.

So this year, we’re aiming to double our membership, and to do that, we need your help. If each of our members reached out to just one friend or family member to tell them about FBB, we’d hit our goal in no time at all. We’re extending our membership drive until April 14 so that we can thank those members who refer a friend in that time, and also thank those who join up.

Please join us by emailing your friends, sharing our memes on Facebook, tweeting with the hashtag #whyFBB, or just mentioning the last time a beneficiary’s work gave you goosebumps when you have coffee with a friend.

Our strength is in our members. Help us double that strength, and the humanist voice that comes with it.

Q2 2013 Beneficiaries Facebook Banner