Three ways to give to Hurricane Ida recovery


Hundreds of thousands of people in Louisiana are without power, water, air conditioning, and fuel following the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. At least four are dead.

We’ve received a number of inquiries about whether FBB will be launching an appeal for Ida disaster recovery. Having assessed the situation and considering that local members of our volunteer network are themselves impacted, we have decided to refer those moved to donate to consider the following organizations:

Foundation for LA: A Black-led organization originally founded in response to Hurricane Katrina, which also focuses on racial justice, climate justice, gender justice, and more. They had a Hurricane Ida fund opened before the storm made landfall and have already granted $10,000 to Indiginous and mutual aid groups.

All Hands and Hearts: A volunteer-powered nonprofit (and past FBB partner) that addresses the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by disasters. They already have a hurricane base in Louisiana from last year, and their Disaster Assessment and Response Team is already performing an initial emergency response.

Team Rubicon: A past FBB Humanist Disaster Recovery partner which mobilizes veterans to help people prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises. They are already on the ground performing search and rescue and clearing roadways. After the emergency is over, they will transition into rebuilding communities.

FBB will continue to communicate additional resources and recommendations as they become known to us.