Interfaith Youth Core prepares college students as interfaith leaders


‚ÄčInterfaith Youth Core (IFYC), our first-quarter Challenge the Gap beneficiary, is a program that trains leaders at college campuses in religious tolerance and understanding. This message of interfaith cooperation and community service has been supported and encouraged by many. Even President Obama has emphasized interfaith service through the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge. IFYC’s focus on helping college students build meaningful relationships with others, maintain a positive attitude, and develop their knowledge of other traditions serve as part of IFYC’s framework. In order to instruct students, staff, and faculty on how they can build those skills, IFYC hosts Interfaith Leadership Institutes (ILIs).

For those who are unable to attend an Interfaith Leadership Institute, IFYC also provides online content including videos, programming ideas, and assessment tools. All of these resources are based on IFYC’s work at college institutions across the country. Interfaith Youth Core also offers webinars on a regular basis. The online gatherings, held throughout the year, cover topics ranging from best practices in interfaith programming to catalyzing and sustaining interfaith work on college and university campuses.

Foundation Beyond Belief is proud to support Interfaith Youth Core in their mission to engage college students in religious tolerance and understanding.

You can learn more about Interfaith Youth Core’s programs through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their blog.