International Medical Corps brings disaster relief and long-term planning to Haiti


Humanist Crisis ResponseSince the earthquake in 2010, many people in Haiti have been living in temporary camps unable to withstand Hurricane Sandy, and so the storm brought widespread devastation. More than 200,000 people have been displaced, and the death toll is currently sitting at 54. The most extensive damage is in the south and southwest, with bridges swept away and the main hospital in Les Cayes flooded.

International Medical CorpsThe greatest needs in Haiti are for shelter, health, sanitation, and non-food supplies. While the number of cholera cases is unconfirmed and is suspected to be in the region of 335, there have been eleven reported cholera-related deaths. International Medical Corps, one of Foundation Beyond Belief’s Humanist Crisis Response beneficiaries, has been operating in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake and is adding two mobile medical units to its existing presence in the hard-hit south. They plan to provide 50 temporary shelters with hygiene, shelter, and kitchen kits, addressing the needs of approximately 10,000 people.

In an impoverished country with a high level of malnutrition, long-term food stability is an important concern: There has been extensive damage to agriculture and livestock as well as to the country’s fisheries. This necessitates long-term plans as well as immediate relief, and IMC plans to assist in providing this by helping to develop the country’s medical structure and disaster preparedness. Training and sustainable development are seen as vital in assisting Haiti to return to self-reliance, and donations to IMC will continue to develop Haiti’s infrastructure long after the initial rush of disaster relief.

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