Introducing our fall interns


Meet our new team of interns for fall 2013! We’re excited to have David, Ashlyn, Sarah, and Micah join the team.

David Viviano, a lifelong nonbeliever, grew up in upstate New York before later moving to Jacksonville, Florida, for work, where he currently resides. Living there inspired him to establish a secular community—he recently formed the North Florida Atheists, who work to normalize the word “atheist,” encourage social interaction with like-minded individuals, and also lend a helping hand to the community we live in. He is team captain for the North Florida Atheists Light The Night Walk team as well. David enjoys spending time with his two daughters, a good laugh, sports, movies, social media, and helping out others.


David will be serving as our Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Light The Night International Team intern. You can reach him at

Ashlyn NobleCurrently living in Manitoba, Canada, with her two partners and four cats, Ashlyn Noble is a recent graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a degree in biology. She currently heads up the Winnipeg Skeptics and is involved with their podcast “Life, the Universe, and Everything Else.” She is passionate about improving the world through humanism, science, and reason. In her spare time, Ashlyn sings with The Rainbow Harmony Project, recreates the Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism, and learns any craft she can get supplies for.

Ashlyn will be our special projects intern, working to support the Pathfinders Project and our Humanist Crisis Response program. You can reach her at

Sarah HenrySarah Henry is a high school senior in Southern Indiana and is currently applying to colleges all over the nation. Sarah is very involved in the freethought community now, and is always looking to get more involved! She has been a camper at Camp Quest Ohio for six years, and this year became a counselor at Camp Quest Ohio and Chesapeake. She also co-founded the Secular Student Alliance at her high school and is a member of the Louisville Area Freethinkers. At her school, Sarah leads the National Art Honor Society and the Secular Student Alliance, and she sits on the Executive Board of Dance Marathon, a nonprofit that supports Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sarah is thrilled to start work at Foundation Beyond Belief and can’t wait to learn more about the mechanics of a national nonprofit organization.

Sarah will serve as our communications intern. You can reach her at

Micah WeissMicah Weiss is an aspiring teacher finishing graduate degrees in mathematics and teaching. Raised in Reform Judaism, his involvement in secular activism began with street comedy on the campus of Missouri State University. Now a Humanistic Jew, Micah has served as an organizer for Skepticon in 2012 and 2013.

Micah will be serving as our Humanist Giving program intern. You can reach him at

Please join us in welcoming our newest FBB interns!