Introducing our spring 2014 interns


Meet our new team of interns for spring 2014! We’re excited to have Elizabeth, Liz, Matt, and Samantha join the team.

Matt DeStasioMatt De Stasio, a chronic skeptic and Unitarian Universalist by birth, has been living a secular life in Wisconsin for decades. Having earned his bachelor’s degree from Lawrence University in philosophy and religious studies, he has found a passion for studying religious belief and its impact on action in the public sphere. Currently residing in Washington, DC, Matt hopes to impact public policy and help to represent humanist values on a national scale. In his spare time, he enjoys fencing and swing dancing interspersed with books of science fiction and good Italian cooking.

Matt will be serving as our Humanist Giving program intern. You can reach him at

Liz MoodyA native Pittsburgher, Liz Moody completed her BA in international studies at The Ohio State University. Her pursuit of the eccentric brought her to Moscow, Russia, where she currently lives and works. An avid follower of the atheist blogosphere since she had a computer, Liz is excited to be taking a more active role in the nonbelievers’ community as an FBB intern. When not working or studying, she enjoys reading, writing, aimless wandering (or “adventuring”), cooking experiments, lively discussions with cab drivers, and anything nautical.

Liz will serve as our communications and marketing intern. You can reach her at

Elizabeth MinutelloElizabeth Minutello is a recent graduate of Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA, where she earned both her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in creative writing. She is passionate about volunteering and is thrilled to be working with Foundation Beyond Belief. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, watching movies, and reading.

Elizabeth will be our Beyond Belief Network intern. You can reach her at

Samantha MontanoSamantha Montano has been an atheist since around the time she found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. Since then she has developed into a FreethinkingSecularHumanistAtheist (because, nuance). As an 18-year resident of Maine (she has never ridden a moose but did work in a lighthouse), she is wicked sarcastic and loves the ocean. She attended Loyola University in New Orleans, where she majored in psychology. She worked for a myriad of nonprofits on post-Katrina rebuilding and environmental activism following the BP disaster, leading to the realization of an unwavering passion (or obsession) for disasters. Currently she is finishing her master’s in emergency management at North Dakota State University. In the coming months, her primary focus is to survive the remainder of her stint in Fargo without acquiring frostbite.

Samantha will serve as our crisis response intern. You can reach her at

Please join us in welcoming our newest FBB interns!