Introducing our summer interns


Meet our new interns for summer 2013! We’re excited to have Ellen, Dan, and Mark join the team.

Ellen AndrewsEllen Andrews is our membership intern for the summer. She is going to be a senior majoring in biology, with an emphasis in ecology and conservation, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the upcoming Outreach Chair for the Illini Secular Student Alliance. She’s new to the secular community, but eager to be a more active member. Contributing to positive change in the world is her chief purpose in life. When she has free time, Ellen enjoys spending it outside in the sunshine, hiking or just lazing and reading. She also likes traveling, spending time with her family and friends, and anything that involves being around animals.

You can reach Ellen at

Daniel HayDaniel Hay is our new Beyond Belief Network intern. Dan will be graduating this semester from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s in molecular-cellular biology. For the past two years he has grown more and more active in the secular community, primarily as the Outreach Director for the Illini Secular Student Alliance, but also as an SSA Volunteer Network Coordinator for the Illinois/Indiana area and the moderator of the “Atheist Scouting” Facebook page. In his free time, Dan enjoys hiking, camping, and generally getting lost in the woods … that is, when he’s not frightening friends and family with a disturbing knowledge of pathogens.

You can reach Dan at

Mark-Anthony SmithMark-Anthony Smith is our summer Humanist Giving intern. Mark is an MPA candidate at Florida State University. He also double majored in philosophy and political science as an undergraduate. A native Brooklynite, one of his goals is to advocate for equitable urban planning policies in the city. He is a lifelong atheist, skeptic, and humanist and wants to see the movement grow to become more diverse in not only its membership, but its purpose. In his free time he obsesses over the newest Kepler findings, cries over his NY Jets, and binges on trashy historical fiction novels like the Da Vinci Code purely for entertainment purposes. Finally, he insists that Stargate is better than both Star Wars and Star Trek, which he knows is the biggest blasphemy of all.

You can reach Mark at

Please join us in welcoming our newest FBB interns!