Introducing the Five New Volunteers Beyond Belief Teams!


We are very pleased to announce that five new teams have joined the Volunteers Beyond Belief program, and that we are kicking off a special partnership with a major national secular group!

First, this cycle of new teams is also the beginning of an exciting joint effort with the Secular Student Alliance (SSA)!  During each future application cycle, Volunteers Beyond Belief will select at least one new student group that is especially focused on volunteer activities to join our team!  We are also working with the SSA to include student groups that want to increase their volunteer activism and aren’t quite ready to commit to at least one volunteer event every six weeks.  

So if you’re a student group and interested in becoming a Volunteers Beyond Belief team, please check out our application page for more information.  If you want to join the many other SSA groups who will have access to the same tools and resources that our teams do, please contact us, or the SSA campus organizer, Lyz Liddell.  


And now to introduce our five new teams!  Drum roll please……..


Prescott, Arizona: Prescott Freethinkers
The Prescott Freethinkers is a community-oriented group of skeptics and nontheists that meets for social events, discussion and family-friendly activities. Any science-minded, reason-based thinkers are encouraged to join the community for discussion and fellowship.
Harrisburg/York/Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Nonbelievers
Pennsylvania Nonbelievers Inc. is a non-profit educational organization devoted to delivering information for rational and critical thinking. They welcome atheists, agnostics, unbelievers, secularists, humanists and those whose lives are guided by a human-centered morality, not dogma, to join in on the discussions and activities.
Peachtree City, Georgia: Fayette Freethought Society
The Fayette Freethought Society is a member-run organization dedicated to building a community for those who hold a secular worldview. They have formed a community in Georgia for those who value the ideals of freethought, and encourage members to live authentic lives each day.  The Fayette Freethought Society values each member and encourages friendship, positive activism, outreach and community service.

Founded two years ago, the University of Chicago Secular Alliance has grown from a group of 8 students meeting once a week to watch YouTube videos and discuss secular issues in the world, to a significant part of the spiritual life community on campus. They regularly host special events and provide an engaging environment for secularists at the University of Chicago. 

The Alliance of Happy Atheists (AHA!) is the University of Oregon’s only official student organization for atheist, agnostic, secular, freethinking, non-religious, and skeptic students and their allies. AHA!’s goals are varied, but they hope to work toward a future in which atheism is seen as a viable life choice, and atheists are no longer discriminated against. They want to encourage a new image of atheism–one that is happy, hopeful, and full of wonder for the natural universe.
Congratulations to our five new teams! We are excited to be working with these excellent groups to help increase their involvement in the community and spread the message that volunteering is fun and rewarding, regardless of what you believe.