Introducing the new FBB staff


I’m thrilled to introduce you to the two newest members of our staff, AJ Chalom and Walker Bristol. They both distinguished themselves as outstanding members of our summer intern team, accomplishing great things in their focus areas of Volunteers Beyond Belief (AJ) and communications and marketing (Walker). 

AJ ChalomAJ Chalom’s life is filled with contradictions. As a stay-at-home mom to two children, she gave up her minivan to drive a large cargo tricycle labeled the “mega tryke.” She finds herself relying on weather reports that are always wrong, and has had to learn to shed a Type-A-plan-everything-in-advance style for one that goes with the flow and enjoys the moments and experiences that are thrown her way. A lifelong humanist, she was raised as a Humanistic Jew, and she has volunteered for The Society for Humanistic Judaism over 12 years on their Board of Directors and in their teen and college program, HuJews. Having successfully raised a confident 7 year old who loves evolution, humanism, and her own identity (but failed in part, because she also likes pop rock), and after shedding two previous careers, she is happy to bring the project management skills she’s picked up to the truly meaningful and uplifting work in the Humanist Giving Program of Foundation Beyond Belief.

Walker BristolWalker Bristol was born, raised, and released into the world from Wilmington, North Carolina, where among other things he spent time playing in hard rock bands, attending Quaker school, and wondering how he juggled those two things for so long. He now lives in Boston and studies at Tufts University, among a wonderful and brilliant community of student activists who recently made a terrible mistake and elected him president of the Tufts Freethought Society. He maintains his atheism as a part of a larger humanistic package that inspires his commitment to feminism, LGBTQ rights, veganism, and class equality. One day, he hopes to be an advocacy journalist and to have the platform to tell stories of the silenced and oppressed. But through an incredible stroke of luck, with the Foundation, he has already been given an extraordinary opportunity to live out his talents and values. He certainly hopes not to mess it up.

Going forward, Walker will continue his excellent work from this summer with FBB’s blog and newsletter as our Director of Communications. AJ will be diversifying her experience with FBB operations by assuming the temporary role of Humanist Giving Program Coordinator until January of 2013. 

Noelle GeorgePlease help me welcome these two fantastic additions to the FBB team!   

Noelle George
Operations Manager, Foundation Beyond Belief