Introducing the Volunteers Beyond Belief program!



Welcome to the new Volunteers Beyond Belief program!  The pilot phase launched in July 2011 with Teams in eight cities – a total pool of more than 1500 volunteers. Our current plans include expansion to eight more cities by early 2012 so if you are interested in joining with us, please apply on our website.

So how does the VBB program work?  It leverages the success of experienced local volunteer groups while helping other organizations start volunteering in their communities. Among other things, we will provide a forum for groups to share volunteering ideas, access to resources to help improve local volunteer programs, and coordinate occasional national volunteer events.  We’ve got lots of great ideas to implement in the future too!

Why should we try to coordinate and share our volunteer activities with each other?  When organizations in the nontheist community with similar goals work together, we can achieve those goals more quickly and efficiently.  We need a strong and united program dedicated to volunteering to help ensure that humanist compassion and generosity is more organized and therefore more impactful.

Why should I follow this blog?  VBB Teams will share their events with the rest of the secular community, and we’ll be making program announcements here as well.  Please subscribe to our RSS feed, Like us on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter to learn about the fun and rewarding volunteer activities that our Teams are organizing!