It’s not too late to make others thankful this Thanksgiving


Beyond Belief NetworkBeyond Belief Network teams and staff have come up with a list of simple and easy activities that people can do during the Thanksgiving weekend to spread the holiday good will around to the less fortunate. BBN is a network of more than 80 humanist groups that regularly volunteer and raise money for charities. See if there’s a team in your area, or ask your local team to apply to join BBN.

  1. Send a card or email, or call someone who’s made you thankful lately and tell them you care.
  2. Instead of a hostess gift, make a small donation in honor of your hosts. We have some great choices among our current beneficiaries.
  3. Take leftovers, a homemade meal, or even take-out to veterans, lonely neighbors, or someone else away from their family over Thanksgiving.
  4. Nominate a needy humanist for Helping Hands. While we cannot contribute monetarily, we can compile resources, encourage BBN teams to help, and publicize need.
  5. Stay home and start your Christmas shopping using our Amazon affiliate link, buy a gift membership to FBB for someone you love, or get yourself some FBB gear.
  6. Help us reach more humanists by liking FBB on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to our YouTube channel.