“Join the Foundation Beyond Belief Light the Night Team!”—Hemant Mehta


LLS Light the NightHemant Mehta has an important message for you—making vlogs is hard. 

According to him, it took thirteen takes to put together this video expressing support for Foundation Beyond Belief’s LLS Light the Night Walks. Mehta, the founder of the popular Friendly Atheist blog, has formed his own team in Chicago, and he wants you and you and you to get involved in Light the Night fundraising. (Transcript available below video.)

More information about the LLS Light the Night Walk is available here.


Hi everyone, my name is Hemant Mehta from FriendlyAtheist.com. I’m also the chairman of the Foundation Beyond Belief [board], and I’m talking to you because I really want to encourage you to join one of our Light the Night teams this fall. A lot of people like to say that atheists cannot be good without god, and we know that’s not true, and I know a lot of atheist groups do a lot of volunteer activities, but this is about as big as it’s gonna get. We’re trying to bring together groups from around the nation to raise a million dollars for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There are very few causes out there that are more important than this one, and we want you to be a part of it. There are local teams across the country—I know I’m trying to head one in Chicago. Please join your local team, please be a part of this, and show that when we work together, we can do just as amazing things as any church out there. And even beyond that, this is just a good cause, and you know you want to do it. So join us, and thank you so much for your efforts.