Atheists United food distribution

June and July Winners! Beyond Belief Network Team of the Month & Photo of the Month


Beyond Belief Network is a collective of over 125 humanist, atheist, and other non-believing organizations putting compassionate humanism into action through community volunteering and charitable fundraising. COVID-19 and Secular Week of Action kept us pretty busy for a while, so now we’re playing a little catch-up. Let’s see what teams crushed it in the months of June and July!


June’s Beyond Belief Network Team of the Month is Fellowship of Freethought-Dallas. Every 4th Sunday, they bring food and supplies to support people experiencing homelessness and living in an encampment near the High Five Interchange (I-635 and I-75). Fellowship of Freethought-Dallas volunteers spend a few hours with the people living in the woods in the park bringing a hot meal and other snacks, toiletries, and clothing. An important event to continue during COVID-19!

The June Picture of the Month (below) comes from Atheists United and their food distribution event with the Los Angeles Food Bank. Volunteers packed 400 pounds of food and distributed it to 50 families in need in Los Angeles. Great job Atheists United!

2020 Jun 13_BBN_Atheists United_Los Angeles Food Distribution - June 2020 7


July’s Beyond Belief Network Team of the Month and Picture of the Month winners are both Austin Humanists at Work (ATXHAW)! Because of COVID-19, they have had to figure out new ways to safely execute their monthly giveaways benefiting people experiencing homelessness. But they have figured it out and their giveaways continue to be successful.

As part of the Secular Week of Action back in May, ATXHAW volunteers started a Make-A-Thon crafting washcloths, hats, scarves and face masks. 73 masks were made and distributed as part of this effort! The team’s monthly Gettin’ Knotty group has started meeting virtually in order to knit and crochet needed items for a monthly giveaway.

Because of the pandemic, ATXHAW has had to change the way their giveaways work. In the past, the prep for the giveaway only needed to involve one or two people, but now they have six people filling bags with items and food and loading them into the trailer. The bags include a variety of personal care items that were most requested by their clients and 1,000-2,000 calories worth of food.

2020 Jul 26_BBN_AustinHumAtWork_Modified Giveaway

ATXHAW previously invited many volunteers to congregate and serve their clients all in one place. Now they limit the number of volunteers and walk around in pairs with a wagon filled with pre-assembled bags which they distribute to their clients.

Congratulations on figuring out how to keep your monthly giveaway promises in this new context! Great job ATXHAW!

BBN is just one of many examples of the work our humanist community does to make a positive impact on the world. The network wouldn’t be possible without your support. Please help us contiue this work with a contriution to our general fund today.