Just a few more hours to contribute to our LLS teams!


LLS Light the Night WalkWith the end of FBB’s 2012 campaign to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society almost upon us, there are still a few more hours for groups and individuals to scramble to the top of our pile and claim one of our fabulous prizes! As of our last report from LLS, our current leaders are as follows:

Overall Fundraising:

  1.     Triangle Freethought Society ($8,770.81)
  2.     Center for Inquiry – LA ($7,756.25)
  3.     CFI Portland ($6,031.23)*
  4.     Hitchen’s Hikers ($5,053.00)
  5.     Sacramento Coalition of Reason ($4,807.90)
  6.     Harvard Humanist-Boston ($4,528.00)

Average per member (minimum team size of 10):

  1.     Center for Inquiry – LA ($408.22)
  2.     SSA at Presbyterian College ($324.24)
  3.     Hitchen’s Hikers ($315.81)
  4.     Freethought Dayton ($294.54)
  5.     BC Humanists ($277.71)
  6.     Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry and Camp Quest South Carolina ($265.39)

Overall Fundraising Student Team:

  1.     Harvard Humanist-Boston ($4,528.00)
  2.     SSA at Presbyterian College ($3,242.35)
  3.     UGA Secular Student Alliance ($1,755.00)

Average Fundraising Student Team:

  1.     SSA at Presbyterian College ($324.24)
  2.     Harvard Humanists Boston ($251.56)
  3.     UGA Secular Student Alliance ($103.24)

Overall Individual Fundraiser:

  1.     Robert Taylor ($9,500.00)
  2.     Stewart Chisam ($3,900.00)
  3.     James Underdown ($3311.14)

Whether you’re in contention or not, please consider contributing to our campaign to support LLS. This time of year, many of us are fortunate enough to spend time at home with our families. Children with blood cancer are often stuck spending the holidays in a hospital bed, and with your help we can take steps to give them the patient care and steps toward a cure that they deserve.