Kasese Humanist Primary School uses FBB funds to support education in Uganda


KHPSKasese Humanist Primary School, our third-quarter 2012 education beneficiary, gave us this report about how they are using the funds contributed by members of Foundation Beyond Belief. Members donated $7,505 to KHPS last quarter.

On behalf of Kasese Humanist Primary School, I am grateful to have our school benefit from funds being raised by members of Foundation Beyond Belief. These funds are going to help us in strengthening service delivery of education to Ugandan children.

We intend to use this donation in the following ways:

  • Purchasing furniture to put in our school library, where we shall make seats, tables, and bookshelves for our textbooks.
  • Purchasing and installing a big rainwater harvesting tank to provide water at the school. This water shall be used by the students to clean up their bodies and to wash clothes, mop classrooms, and clean the toilets, to mention but a few uses. The water tank shall assist in cutting down on the current water bill of the metered piped tap water present at the school.

We want to thank Foundation Beyond Belief management, members, and freethinkers worldwide for having supported generously Kasese Humanist Primary School. It means a lot to us to see a community of atheists, humanists, and other freethinkers coming together to support our school project, and we at Kasese Humanist Primary School shall keep the members of Foundation Beyond Belief posted on all developments and updates as they unfold. Many thanks once again for the donation. Thank you.

“With science, we can progress.”

Yours in free thought,
Bwambale Robert, School Project Director
Kasese Humanist Primary School, Uganda