Kids Volunteering with Valley Skeptics in the Park



This is Danika Adzima. She is six years old and a member of the Valley Skeptics in the Park, based near Los Angeles, CA. In September, she, her parents, and others in the group helped to clean up Will Rogers State Beach.

Volunteering can be just as much fun for children as it is for adults, and it helps them to learn the value of helping others. We wanted Danika to share her thoughts about volunteering with us, and she agreed to let us interview her.

Here is what she had to say (Danika’s responses are in italics).

Why do you think volunteering is important?

It is important to help others.

What was the most fun thing about Heal the Bay?

I liked that I got to wear gloves and hold the trash bag.

What other volunteer activities do you want to try?

I want to donate school supplies to kids that do not have any.

What would you like to tell other kids about volunteering?

It’s fun and easy.  You feel good when you are finished.

How does volunteering make you feel?

It makes me happy to help people.

Thank you, Danika! We really appreciate you taking some time to tell everyone what volunteering is like.


For groups who are interested in volunteering with kids, here are some tips to help you get started:

1.  Rather than planning your next group event around the kids, consider some family-friendly volunteering opportunities!

2.  Along with traditional family-friendly volunteer events, look for non-traditional opportunities like making meals, pictures, or collecting items at home where kids can more easily help.  Then take your kids to drop the items off at a local nursing home, hospital, fire station, or other community center where they can see the reaction of the people receiving what they’ve helped to make.

3.  Don’t worry about whether or not you’re getting as much done as you would without the kids.  Volunteering with your family is not just about helping others, but about doing something as a family, and allowing your kids to learn about how good it feels to help others!                                                   


Looking for child-friendly volunteering options?


•    Environmental clean-up
•    Walking for a Cause
•    Toy, clothing or school supply drive
•    The Memory Project
•    Milk and Bookies


You can also check out the VBB calendar or Twitter feed to see what other VBB Teams are doing in order to get event ideas!