Last chance to support our first-quarter beneficiaries


As FBB gets ready to feature a new slate of world-altering organizations, you have a final opportunity to distribute your donations among our five featured beneficiaries for the first quarter of 2014. Take a look at what they have done with our support:

Poverty and Health

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) works to lower national suicide rates by supporting research, educating the public and professionals about mood disorders, and advocating for legislation that impacts suicide prevention. Working in a subject area that can be uncomfortable or even taboo, advocacy and education to combat myths about suicide prevention is   a vitally important task AFSP continues to perform.

Natural World is a global grassroots organizing movement that raises awareness of climate change and the use of fossil fuels. They use social media to educate an entire generation with scientific findings, presented on their nine different websites for countries around the world and just as many Facebook and Twitter accounts using native languages. Their focus on sparking environmental activism at the local level prompted FBB staff to compile   a guide for getting involved with their work in your own community.


Safe Passage helps to educate children who would otherwise spend their days scavenging for a living at the Guatemala City garbage dump. Their Educational Reinforcement Program works to remove all obstacles to learning by providing medical care, hot meals, tutoring services, and school supplies, in addition to the flexible classes meant to accommodate working children who support their families. The Pathfinders         Project will work with Safe Passage in May and June of 2014.

Human Rights


Ali Forney Center in New York City helps lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth by providing emergency and transitional housing, medical care, employment assistance, and psychiatric support services. The FBB grant was dedicated to their Learning, Employment, Advancement, and Placement (LEAP) program which aids homeless LGBTQ youth in their career advancement by providing professional attire for interviews, college application fees and expenses, and credentialing expenses.


Challenge the Gap

Child-Friendly Faith Project (CFFP) works to protect children of all faith traditions from maltreatment, in particular ideologically driven abuse. At their first conference in 2013, CFFP held speeches by religious educators, social workers, and law enforcement on how to protect children from neglect. During the conference CFFP also revealed its Charter for Child-Friendly Faith, a guide for respectful dialogue between people of differing beliefs based on shared principles of the rights and value of children.