Light The Night fundraising hits $200K


Greta ChristinaThanks to all of our captains, walkers, and donors for their amazing efforts, our Light The Night team just broke $200,000! Our top five fundraisers raised more than $8,000 during Kickoff Week alone. Three of those fundraisers (PZ Myers, Ed Brayton, and Greta Christina) are part of team Freethought Blogs. They’ve got some great personal fundraising incentives going on. Greta has gotten a pink manicure and will eat vegetarian, vegan, bugs, and worst of all, broccoli. Ed is taking suggestions for hilarious unpleasant tasks he will perform once he reaches $2,000. PZ is educating people about cancer—in one case, naked in a pirate hat.

Not to be outdone, Skepchick was one of the largest teams during Kickoff Week and is also doing some great incentives. Their team incentives include super hero-creating, head-shaving, drink-mixing, art-making, hair-dying, and costume-wearing! Sarah Moglia and Rebecca Watson are also offering personal interactions to their donors.

Hair-related changes are very popular this year, with International Team Captain Todd Stiefel pledging a dyed mohawk if Team FTB or Team Skepchick raises $20,000. And our very own intern David Viviano is growing his beard until the end of the month and will shave it in one of three patterns. The particularly fun and innovative double mutton chops is currently in the lead.

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