Light The Night handbook features FBB walkers


The Foundation Beyond Belief International Light The Night Team, as represented by Triangle Freethought Society and the NC State and East Carolina University Secular Student Alliances, appears on the cover of this year’s handbook for all LTN walkers. The caption reads “FBB 2012 Top non corporate team in the country.” The FBB team earned this honor by breaking the Light The Night record for most money raised by a first-year non-corporate team and by having more local teams than any other national LTN partners last year.

International Team Captain Todd Stiefel had this to say: “Just a few years ago, it would have been almost unfathomable for a major charity to willfully show freethinkers in their marketing materials. It is amazing that we were featured at all, let alone that LLS chose to make us the first thing seen at the top of a national brochure. This is a phenomenal testament to how far we have come as a movement and how much public benevolent action can break down false stereotypes about the nonreligious.”

Thanks to all of the Team FBB 2012 walkers for contributing to our very successful LTN walk season last year — now let’s do it again in 2013!

2013 Light The Night handbook