Our response to Hurricanes Fiona and Ian


Atlantic Hurricane Season started late, but it’s making up for lost time.

Hurricane Fiona, the first major hurricane of the season, hit Puerto Rico last week, causing a power outage impacting the whole island. A third of the population lost access to clean drinking water. As of Monday, about 40% of the island was still blacked out and the death toll was at least 16.

Fiona strengthened as it ripped across the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, and Bermuda, eventually hitting Canada as one of that country’s strongest recorded storms.

Hurricane Ian followed on Tuesday, hitting Cuba with significant wind and storm surge impacts.

Ian’s future is unpredictable, but it’s expected to strengthen in coming days, bringing life-threatening floods in the Florida Keys. It will likely slow into a more dangerous, longer-lasting storm when it hits mainland Florida mid-week. Tampa and St. Petersburg will likely experience their first direct major hurricane in over 100 years. Storm surges will be an issue regardless of strength and landfall location.

GO Teams in central Florida are organizing a response. 

It’s too early to know when and where additional volunteers will be helpful. If you are willing and able to help, let us know and we will inform you of opportunities.

More urgently, however, we need your financial support. Your donation will help organizers prepare, respond, and recover. At the moment, their main focus is on providing adequate shelter for people experiencing homelessness and disability.

We have a long two months left until hurricane season is over. A lot can happen in that time. Please join us in helping make sure the most vulnerable communities in these storms’ paths are not left behind.