Make the humanist voice louder


Humanists Unite!In Q4 of 2012, Foundation Beyond Belief raised more than $61,000 for some incredible charitable projects worldwide.

We supported Madre’s efforts to lift women out of poverty and empower communities, contributed to Globe Med’s international health projects, worked toward lifting men out of a cycle of poverty and crime with the Prison University Project, supported urban greening and agricultural projects with DC Greenworks, and lent our voice to the call for peace with Friends for a Nonviolent World.

We also helped crisis efforts in Haiti, New York, and Colorado, contributed to the Harvard Humanists putting humanist values into action, and supported Avivara’s education projects in Guatemala.

That’s a lot. But we could do so much more, with your help.

Foundation Beyond Belief exists as an expression of humanist values. We would like to make our voice louder, our contributions bigger. To do that, we need more members. Until April 7, we are asking you to reach out to a humanist friend and encourage them to add their voice to the cause by joining FBB.

Double the members means double the good works. Humanists unite!

See our member drive blog post for more details about joining FBB and inviting your friends to join.